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The 2018 Bob & Louise Trump Junior High Track & Field Invitational is scheduled for April 14, 2018

Results for the 4/8/17 Bob & Louise Junior High Track & Field Invitational

Pictures from the 4/8/17 Bob & Louise Trump Junior High track & Field Invitational

The fee is $250/school and it can be made out to the ELCO Track & Cross Country Boosters. The check can be given the day of the meet or sent to Robert Miller care of ELCO High School, 180 ELCO Drive, Myerstown, PA 17067

Several people asked for directions to ELCO for the invitational. ELCO is about half way between Schaefferstown and Myerstown PA. Traveling from either town about 3 miles towards the other on Rt. 501 you turn East on ELCO drive (Tom Morrissey TV & Appliance Store is on the corner). Go about 3/4 mile. Turn right at four way stop sign. Pass the High School. Turn right into parking lot. Continue to stadium.


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EntryProcedure Teams Invited
General Rules Counter
2016 JHI Schedule
2015 Results



Entry method will be Mile Split (if you still have questions after going to Mile Split email rmillerl@elcosd.org)
click on the link below (if you need further info click on the link under Registration help:pa.milesplit.us/pages/Online_Meet_Reg_Instructions) Make sure you include a time or distance.

Click here for entry

Entries must be completed by Thursday (4/6/17) Noon
Enter the athletes you expect to compete with times or distances plus any athletes you may sustitute. Your possible substitutes do not need times or distances.

A performance list should be available by 4 PM on Thursday for you to check for errors.

Please make an attempt to estimate the times so we can get the seeding as close as possible (Use practice times if necessary). Field event substitutions can be made at the event site if the athletes have been submitted..You will be responsible for limiting your competitors to two per event. Relay team member's names are not required but are a convenience to us. A performance list will then published for everyone to check for errors.

NOTE: Both the 4 x 200 & the 4 x 800 relays will be run. 6 Lb. Shot for girls. Starting high for HJ 3' 8" & 4' 6".
also:There will be a trainer (all taping must be done by attending schools)

General Rules & Procedure
As given in the time schedule below: The coaches meeting starts at 8:30 AM, The first field events start at 9:00 AM, and the running events start at 9:30 AM. It is important that your team is warmed up by 8:45 for the field events and 9:15 Am for the track events.

1. There will be a refreshment stand with the usual things such as candy, drinks, hot dogs, and the like. This is an all day event so your team may want to bring lunch to supplement the refreshments. Also impress your athletes with the thought that they will need sufficient clothing in the April weather.

2. T-shirts will be on sale for $ 12.00. The shirt design will be similar to the one shown above.

3. Both the 4x200 M Relay & the 4x800 M Relay will be run . The 4x200 M Relay will be run entirely in lanes. There will be acceleration zones 1st & 2nd. zonex are green. 3rd. is yellow. (In past years many teams have been disqualified because they were unfamiliar with acceleration zones. If your team doesn't have much time to practice exchanges they would probably be better off to start in the exchange zones). Both the 800M & the 1600M will be run in two alleys. Also, abiding by the infinite wisdom of the PIAA, we will have the boys throw the 4 Kilo shot and the girls throw the 6 pound shot.

4. The races are pre-seeded from the entry forms (see entry form page or use the one sent to your school) except for substitutions on the day of the meet. The subs will run without re seeding. Field event contestants will be seeded worst to best and will throw or jump 4 & done except for the high jump. Two competitors are allowed in each event and one team per school is allowed in a relay. An athlete may only compete in three events.

5.. Contestants in running events must report in by the second call. Field events people should report in on first call which should be 15 minutes prior to their event. If you have less than 2 competitors please notify the event judge so that he/she does not have to look for missing people. Please note that field contestants must report to the event judge and if he/she competes in a conflicting event he/she must report out to the event judge.

6. There will be a FAT system used for the meet. The standard 48 hour correction of mistakes time will be extended to 72 hours to allow questions from the coaches. The results should be available on this site by Sunday noon.

7. There will be ribbons for 6 places. Eight places will be scored (10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). A boys & girls championship & runner-up trophy will be awarded. Ties will be broken by the number of first places, then second places, and so on. Ribbons will be available in team packets after the meet.

8. If you have any questions, you can contact me through Rob Miller ( rmiller@elcosd.org ) or by the link at the bottom of the home page or any of the following:

Bob Trump
6 Central Drive
Newmanstown PA 17073-9032
Cell - 717.507.5671
Email = bobtrump@comcast.net
ELCO HS fax (717) 866.7287


Event Boys Girls
Name Perform Year Set School Name Perform Year Set School
100 M Dash Avelino Figueroa 11.2 05 MCE Anyssa Barbour 12.5 05 CH
Rob Dixon 11.2 06 MCE        
200 M Dash Ron Dixon 23.0 06 MCE Anyssa Barbour 26.2 05 CH
400 M Dash Jeronimo Rodriquez 52.71 12 LEB K. Green 1:01.6 07 MT
800 M Run V. McNally 2:03.4 04 CV Emma Deberdine 2:25.32 14 PM
1600 M Run V. McNally 4:36.3 04 CV Brogan Garvey 5:23.0 07 MC
4x100 M Relay R. Vasquez
C. Williams
R. Dixon
45.9 06 MCE

B. Lehman
A Besecker
L. Barnett
A. Barbour




4x200 M Relay K. Coleman
T. Copper
R. Heckstall
G. Mitchell
01:37.9 00 MCE A. Grube
E. Smith
M. Hershey
B. Ashworth



4x400 M Relay J. Woolf
A. Rishell
J. Gilbert
T. March
03:45.0 06 WAR L. Marska
K. Green
L. High
J. Collins



4x800 M Relay V. McNally
A. Blum
I. Anderson
L. Alberto
09:00.7 04 CV

E. Deberdine
M. Kolibas
L. Lord




Shot Put 4k Nuku Hill 50' 10.25" 08 SWIL J. Beam 34 ' 8.75" 96 EH
Shot Put 6lb S. Johnson 42' 4.0" 01 HAR
Discus K. DeVine 168' 8" 02 GM Alyssa Girvin 101' 10" 05 PM
Long Jump Michael Moran 20' 1.5" 17 AC Reagan Hess 16' 8.5" 13 AC

High Jump
Alex McCord 5' 11"
12 WAR
L. Burgess 5' 1.0" 00 GM
        Jill Keefer 5' 1.0" 04 PAL

2018 Teams

  Teams Invited Abbreviation Accepted Paid Entered
1 Annville-Cleona AC Yes    
2 Cedar Crest CC      
3 Central Dauphin        
4 Chambersburg (Faust)        
5 Central York CY      
6 Cocalico        
7 Columbia        
8 Conestoga Valley        
9 Cumberland Valley        
10 Conrad Weiser        
11 East Pennsboro        
12 Eastern Lebanon ELCO Yes $  
13 Edward Hand(Lancaster) EH      
14 Elizabethtown ET Yes    
15 Ephrata        
16 Lancaster Mennonite        
17 Lebanon LEB      
18 Manheim Central MC      
19 Manheim Township        
20 McCaskey East MCE      
21 Milton Hershey MH Yes    
22 Northern Lebanon        
23 Palmyra PAL      
24 Penn Manor PM Yes    
25 Red Lion RL      
26 Reynolds (Lancaster) REY      
27 Solanco        
28 Susquehanna Township SQT      
29 Warwick WAR      
30 Wheatland (Lancaster) WH      
31 World Communications Charter WCC      
32 Garden Spot GS      
33 York Suburbun YS      
  Harrisburg HAR      
  Hempfield HEMP      
  Hershey HER      
  Lampeter-Strasburg LS      
  Lower Dauphin LDAU      
  Muhlenberg MUHL      
  Twin Valley TV Yes    
  West York WY      
  Wilson Central JH CWIL      
  Wilson Southern JH SWIL    


  Wyomissing Area WYO      

Proposed Time Schedule (2018)
note: 4x1 & 400 switch
8:30 AM Coaches Meeting
8:55 National Anthem

9:30 100 M Dash G 6 Heats Preliminaries 1st. 2 to semi-finals-plus next 4 best times  
9:45 B 6 Heats Preliminaries 1st. 2 to semi-finals-plus next 4 best times  
10:00 200 M Dash G 6 Heats Preliminaries 1st. 2 to semi-finals-plus next 4 best times  
10:15 B 6 Heats Preliminaries 1st. 2 to semi-finals-plus next 4 best times  
10:30 4x800 MR G 1 Sections Finals Places by Time  
10:45 B 1 Sections Finals Places by Time  
11:00 100 M Dash G 2 Heats Semi-Finals 1st. 4 to Finals  
11:10 B 2 Heats Semi-Finals 1st. 4 to Finals  
11:20 200 M Dash G 2 Heats Semi-Finals 1st. 4 to Finals  
11:30 B 2 Heats Semi-Finals 1st. 4 to Finals  
11:45 Lunch Break
12:00 4x200 MR G 2 Heats Finals Places by Time  
12:15 B 2 Heats Finals Places by Time  
12:30 1600 M Run G 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
1:00 B 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
1:10 100 M Dash G 1 Heat Finals
1:15 B 1 Heat Finals
1:25 4x100 M R G 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
1:35 B 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
1:45 400 M Dash G 4 Sections Finals Places by Time  
2:05 B 4 Sections Finals Places by Time  
2:25 800 M Run G 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
2:35 B 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
2:50 200 M Dash G 1 Heat Finals
2:55 B 1 Heat Finals
3:05 4x400 M R G 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
3:20 B 2 Sections Finals Places by Time  
3:45 Team Winner Presentations
9:00 Boys Shot, Girls Discus, Boys LJ,  Girls HJ
~11:00 Girls Shot, Boys Discus, Girls LJ, Boys HJ
Field Events (except HJ) will be 4 & Done

2015 Invitational Workers

All Workers (including Stats) for field events be at station with tapes, markers, clip boards,
& event sheets by 8:30 AM. Finish line workers at station by 9:00 AM
Job Official ELCO Track Team Helpers
Referee Scott Lyons
Meet Director Robert Miller, Wyatt Hall (Asst. Meet Director)
Starters John Cowan, Ted Fitzgerald
Head Field Judge  
Clerk Of Course Jim Frey, Terry Engelman 2 ELCO Track Members
Trainer Adam Zurick
Head Umpire Paul Cameron  
FAT Jim Ellingsworth  
Umpires Pat Underkoffler 3 ELCO Track Members
Head Finish Line Scott Lyons
Runners to Starting Line   2 ELCO Track Members
Runners to booth   2 ELCO Track Members
Blocks   1 ELCO Track Member
Finish Line Recorders   2 ELCO Track Members
Head Stat  
Announcer   4 ELCO Track Members [2 booth Laptop]
Clock Operator   1 ELCO Track Member
Shot Put Tom Clausen, Neil Fleicher 2 ELCO Track Members
Discus Dennis Glowaski, Jeff Diehl 2 ELCO Track Members
Long Jump Merv Witmer, Bob Rhine 2 ELCO Track Members (at least 1 good raker )
High Jump Tiffany 2 ELCO Track Members

Black Text = Not Confirmed
Red Text =Agreed to Officiate
Blue Text = ELCO track team & helpers

Counter started 12/7/10